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How to stretch without getting hurt

Stretching is the best way to train your muscles. Stretching the muscles before and after training is more important than the training itself for the success of your sports session. But doing it right is even more important, because it takes very little to make everything in vain or even get hurt.

Let’s see together how to stretch without getting hurt.

How to stretch without getting hurt

The obesity alarm is increasingly high in the world. The first statistics state that by 2025, around 268 million children will be overweight. Of these, around 91 million will suffer from obesity. For this reason, it is essential to start playing sports from a young age. Usually, the boys prefer team sports: football, volleyball, basketball. But few people know that the best way to train and stay in shape is to stretch.

Each person, as it should be, has their own personal approach to stretching. Some decide to do it to prevent pain, others to reduce it when it is already present. This practice is widely used in the world of sport, because it allows you to increase your physical performance. However, few people know that stretching is considered a form of therapeutic exercise. In fact, stretching is able to bring many benefits to the body of those who practice it.

However, we must be very careful because it can also lead to contraindications or it can create damage if done in the wrong way or at the wrong time.


The first thing to absolutely avoid is to use cold muscles. It is in fact advisable, before starting the actual training, to carry out pre-exercises. For example, the ideal could be a short walk that will allow you to warm up your muscles to avoid getting hurt.

Once you have warmed up, you can start stretching. It will be very important to try to strain the muscle without causing pain, not even mild. We must not try to reach too far goals and we must remain within the limits of our possibilities. Stretching exercises should not be done in a hurry. This sport deserves the time it takes to guarantee the desired results. For this reason, you must choose a quiet place to perform the exercises completely relaxed. If the muscles are loose, the result will certainly be better. Each stretch position should be held for at least 30 seconds. Less than this, the effectiveness will be significantly reduced. Clearly immediate results cannot be expected, they will only come with the passage of exercises and time.