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Abdominal exercises for women to do at home

The abdominals are the most strenuous exercises to do but they are also the most useful for improving your body. These exercises don’t have to be done in the gym, but they can also be done right at home.

Let’s see together the best abominal exercises for women to do at home.

The abdominals

Training the abs is a fundamental exercise and all people should do it. This is for a very trivial reason: the muscles found inside the abdomen protect organs that are essential for our life, such as the intestine and liver.

In addition, very important processes are carried out in this area, such as digestion and absorption of ingested foods. Ensuring that the abdominal muscles are toned is therefore important to preserve all of these organs. Most of the time, however, it doesn’t happen that way. More and more people do not train these muscles and who, due to a wrong diet, totally let themselves go. The first signs of a poorly trained abdominal muscle are the dreaded love handles.

How to eliminate them? Only with a lot of training and a lot of effort.

In addition to health problems, which are clearly the most important, there are also aesthetic problems. An abdomen that has folds and roundness is not attractive at all. To get a sculpted physique, it is therefore necessary to train a lot and in particular to carry out exercises specifically designed for the abdomen.

Abdominal exercises for women: how to train them at home

Working out the abs is a great way for women to show a flat stomach and stay fit.

In case you don’t want to hire a personal trainer or you don’t have the desire or money to go to the gym, don’t worry. There are numerous exercises to develop different parts of the abdominals, with a cost of zero, to be done at home. Here are the exercises to do in your free moments:

  • To train the lateral abdominals, a mat is enough to sit on the heels. With slow movements of the torso, rotate it to the right and to the left, obviously followed by the head. You will stretch the side muscle and you can decrease the fat in that area (to be repeated about 20 times per side).
  • To train the lower abdominals, quick kicks are ideal: place your hands under your buttocks and then lift your legs parallel so that your feet don’t touch the ground. Now quickly, but without losing your balance, move your legs simultaneously one up and one down 8 times.
  • For oblique abdominals, you need to rest your bust on the mat, raise your knees with your feet on the ground. With the elbow you must try to touch the opposite knee (eg: right elbow must touch left knee) following an equal rhythm and without pausing for about 5 times per arm.
  • A tiring exercise, but which gives excellent results, is the candle: with the back lying, you have to raise the legs so as to form a 90 degree angle with the bust. Now you have to raise your hands and try to touch your feet about 10 times.

A balanced diet and these abdominal exercises will get you back in shape within a few weeks.