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How to make money with YouTube

YouTube, the most popular video publishing site in the world, allows you to make money by publishing videos online. Where does the income come from? The advertising present in the videos displayed on this site allows you to achieve economic income whose amount depends on a number of factors.

How to make money with Youtube

More and more people are looking for easy and effective ways to earn money. This is due to the economic crisis that has hit our country and has caused enormous difficulties for young people to find work. In recent years, there has been an explosion of YouTube stars who have joined the small screen. Precisely by virtue of this more and more young people try to earn through the famous video portal.

The first thing to do to try to make money through YouTube is to open a channel. Opening it is very easy: just enter your credentials and confirm your email. At this point, you will be able to start uploading videos. These can cover all categories: private videos regarding moments in one’s life, music videos, images or considerations regarding facts or situations that have happened. In order to be paid by YouTube, videos must be 100% original and must not violate any rules of conduct or copyright.

To earn money from videos on YouTube without affiliation to the program, you can also choose the setting that allows you to link the videos to a Google Adsense account: the earnings vary based on the views (usually when the amount earned reaches a minimum of 100 dollars ).

YouTube Partner Program

To start making money with the portal it is necessary to join the “YouTube Partner Program“. Through this program, users can access some special functions.

For example, the insertion of advertising and promotional banners within the videos. To be accepted by the program, however, it is necessary to have many visits. Also you need to have a large number of videos uploaded to the site. Once you have entered the YouTube Partner Program, by clicking on the “Get Started” button you can access the form to become a YouTube Partner.

Under the heading “Video content” there is a series of personal questions to answer. For example, you will be asked how many videos you have created, in which sectors you are active, why you are interested in becoming a YouTube Partner. To complete, you must check the “Monetize with ads“. Finally, click on “Reread the form” to summarize the data entered before confirming the request.