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How to make money online: tips and tricks

Making money online is possible. Even if it is true that no one gives money, it is also true that with Internet the possibilities of earning have multiplied. Just follow a few rules.

Surely, in recent years, the practice of trying to know how to earn money online has become increasingly common.

Probably, this happens because it is increasingly difficult to find a new job, or because earnings are increasingly reduced compared to a few years ago.

In any case, whatever the reasons for this enormous interest in the web as a new way to earn a second salary or a real salary online, the methods to earn have certainly become much more than an alternative for many people who by now they live with their own computer. Moreover, the beauty is that the internet allows you to have enormous freedom. In fact, you can work from the comfort of your home whenever you want, wherever you want and at anytime.

But beware of the risks. It is useless to deny it, you must always be on your guard against all those methods that not only do not get you to earn, but hide within themselves scams that in the end will only lead you to waste time and money. Now let’s see some methods to make money online with banner ads.

What are banner ads?

The term banner indicates an online advertisement consisting of an image, horizontal or vertical, linked to a sponsor’s website.

Nowadays, the banner is the most widespread and economic form of advertising for companies that want to be seen on the net. They have standardized measurements expressed in pixels. The banner is shown to virtual users every time some keywords are searched or directly on the web page. The action of clicking on the banner, in informatic terms, is called “click through“. In fact, the banner is the most popular online advertising promotion system: the virtual user of the product or service is informed through the banner.

How to make money online with banners

The methods to make money online with banners are of two types.

Let’s start with the “older” methods of earning money on the web that have been around for about twenty years: banner ads. Just install a small software that displays an advertising banner in one place on the screen. When you surf the net, this sponsored banner will be displayed. Sponsors will give you a percentage for each virtual user who clicks on the banner.

For those who have a personal website, however, there are more modern and better methods to make money online. For example, you can make money with Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the best known advertising banner service on the net. It is linked, as mentioned, to the famous online search engine Google. Just insert banners on your site, if well started, to be able to have extra income without doing anything.

In this way it will be possible to earn online: the most popular payment method for advertising banners is “click-through rate“. It provides, upon reaching the pre-established threshold of clicks, the company will make direct payments to the owner of the website where the banner is loaded.