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How to make Slime quickly and easly

Slime” is an Anglo-Saxon word that means “drool“. By this term we mean a sticky and gelatinous substance that can be attached to any surface and take all possible shapes without ever losing elasticity. It is much loved by children all over the world thanks to its color and its ability to play with it by throwing it on the walls.

Let’s see togheter how to make Slime quicky and easly.

What is Slime?

The name “Slime” of the jelly is inspired by the green trail left by the homonymous ghost starring in “Ghostbuster”. With the name that recalls this character, children all over the world identify a gelatinous substance capable of sticking and detaching itself from the walls without ever losing its shape.

In addition to the reference to an unpleasant English term, children love to play with the Slide as if pressed it produces a noise similar to a crackling.

Slime is not only a substance loved by children, but also an opportunity for teenagers to do business. In fact, through the use of Slime, creations are built and they are sold on the best online platforms. One of the girls who made slime her income is the 15-year-old from Toronto, Alyssa Jagan. Thanks to the Slime she managed to earn hundreds of dollars. The story of Alyssa Jagan has become so important that a book has been dedicated to it that will tell about her craft.

According to a survey by the New York Times, there are over 12,000 slimes on sale with attached photographs. Online prices vary according to the complexity of production. You can spend 30 for a variant with glitter while, for the classic shapes just 2 and 10 for the two-tone ones. The advantage of the seller is that the substance hardens after a few days and must be thrown away. It is therefore difficult to lose customers.

The luck of the Slime comes from social networks. In 2016, the slime fashion exploded in the USA. Among the various social networks, there are over 7 million contents dedicated to the multicolor substance. The substance you like best is the one with all the colors of the rainbow and glitter. In fact, if well modeled, Slime recalls the hair of the unicorn, a fantasy animal that often comes back into fashion.

In the Slime that can be found on the market, the classic soft consistency is due to its main ingredient: the Guar gum, a sticky element obtained from a particular plant. However, Slime is very convenient to prepare even at home and for this reason we can say that it is the perfect game to present at a children’s birthday party.

How to make Slime: ingredients

Below, there are the ingredients needed to make Slime:

  • Glitter
  • Liquid glue
  • Acrylic paint or food color
  • Plastic spoon
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Plastic container

How to make Slime: step by step

Now let’s see how to make them step by step:

  • Pour the two glue tubes into a container
  • Then add a little acrylic or food color and mix. Add the glitter and continue mixing until the desired color is obtained
  • Add a teaspoon of liquid detergent mix and then add another two tablespoons of liquid detergent mix slowly and you will notice that a gelatinous consistency is forming
  • At this point, we can take our slime with our hands and manipulate it. Now, we can finally play with our slime, with the right precautions.