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How to make a stress ball: instructions

The stress ball is definitely a fun and useful gadget. Having one always on hand can be a good and simple solution to relieve tension. Always keep one in your pocket or bag, it can be used at any time, especially in the office.

Making a ball yourself at home is easy, practical and fast. If you become an expert, you can make anti-stress balls of any color, even to give to your most stressed friends, relatives and work colleagues. To make your anti-stress ball you can use things you already have at home.

You just have to get the balloons, the classic ones that are used for birthday parties, maybe buy the particularly colorful ones to have an even more pleasant result.

It is advisable to avoid water balloons. Infact, the latter are not suitable for this purpose. They are also too small which makes it difficult to fill them.

How to make a stress ball: materials and instructions

To make one or more anti-stress balls you need to get: a half-liter bottle of water, measuring container or cup, colored balloons, white corn flour or corn starch. Corn flour or corn starch are the ingredients that will be placed inside the balloon to obtain a ball very similar to those sold in gadget shops.

The bottle of water will not only serve you to pour the water that you will use to prepare the contents of the ball. You will also need it to use a funnel when you need to fill the balloon.

To have a typical handheld stress reliever ball, fill the measuring container or cup with about 100 ml of white corn flour or corn starch. Try to work without haste, haste is a bad adviser.

Then, carefully pour the flour, mix a little with the flour, then pour a little water. Even the water must be poured carefully because it must not be too much or too little, in both cases the mixture will fail.

You have to pour as much water as necessary to make the dough the right consistency, not too hard or too liquid. Work the mixture of flour and water well with your hands. When it is soft and elastic, proceed to pour it into the bottle of water that you have kept aside. Before using it, you must empty the bottle well, eliminating all the residual water. Now, fill the bottle with the mixture of water and flour that you have prepared. Then take a funnel and transfer the mixture of water and flour from the measuring container or cup to the bottle. If you do not have a funnel available, you can make one by rolling up the cover of a magazine and inserting it into the neck of the bottle. Then, transfer the dough into the bottle and then shake the bottle a little to make the dough a little more homogeneous.

At this point, you have to transfer the mixture from the bottle to the balloon. Then, apply the balloon to the neck of the bottle, turn the bottle upside down and make sure that the mixture passes from the bottle to the balloon. To facilitate the passage, squeeze the bottle to completely transfer the contents into the balloon. The balloon will be filled approximately 5-7.5 cm deep. Once this is done, the balloon is removed from the bottle, as much air as possible is released. A knot is made at the end of the balloon to close it hermetically. Here is your anti-stress ball that you can cover with another balloon, just cut the end of the new balloon, widen it slightly and insert the anti-stress ball.