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What happens if Amazon does not find anyone at home?

Amazon is the famous e-commerce site on which you can find all kinds of objects. Just search for what you are looking for, order the goods and start the shipment. Amazon gives us an indicative idea of the day the package should arrive, but it is then the courier who warns us of its arrival.

What happens, though, if he does not find anyone at home? How does the Amazon parcel return work? Let’s find out together.

The return of the Amazon package

In a normal situation, an Amazon package is ordered, shipped and delivered in about a week. However, it sometimes happens that there are problems during the delivery phase. In fact, it is not difficult for the courier not to find anyone at home and have to reorganize the return of the goods. Although with online purchases you can decide where to get your packages to arrive, at home or at work, for example, it happens that the courier passes just when there is no one to answer.

In these cases Amazon puts in place a system that allows the rapid return of the package in the following days. Let’s see how the Amazon package return works.

What happens if Amazon does not find anyone at home

In the event of a failed delivery attempt, there are different procedures depending on the courier. Each courier that Amazon relies on has its own modus operandi that differs, even if slightly, from the others. The goal is still to facilitate the user.

  • The Amazon Logistics courier. Retry delivery the next business day, for a total of three attempts at most. A notice of attempted delivery is left, with instructions to organize the new passage of the courier.
  • The SDA courier. The return of the Amazon package takes place automatically on the next working day. A notice is left with the necessary instructions to contact the SDA center. If the package falls within the expected dimensions, the courier can leave it in the mailbox without making a new delivery.
  • UPS courier. Also in this case, it provides to return the package the next working day, up to a maximum of three times. The courier will take the package to a collection point, leaving a notice of passage and details on how to collect the package.
  • The couriers DHL, GLS and Bartolini. They all make a second automatic attempt the next business day. A notice of attempted redelivery is left and instructions for contacting the courier.
  • The Post Office. They make a second attempt if the first is unsuccessful. The package can then be collected directly from the branch indicated on the notice left to the user.