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How to make Scooby doo: instructions to follow

Scooby doo” or rather “Scoubidou” is a very fashionable term that is used to indicate the art and pastime of weaving colored threads. In this way, is possible to obtain small objects, usually used as key rings, bracelets, necklaces or other ornaments.

Scooby doo went out of fashion for a while but they are back in fashion among teenagers, also thanks to their simplicity and colorful colors.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make Scooby doo step by step.

The history

The Scooby doo was initially born in the 1950s inside the military barracks. Weaving the threads was the pastime of the military during the hours off during the day. In the 1960s, Scooby doo became all the rage on the beaches, when boys with long hair played the songs of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys. Scooby doo was used as a way of communicating the messages of love between boys and girls.

According to the legend, the square Scooby doo was born one summer morning in the 1960s, when a girl began to weave 4 colored cords that she had found in her mother’s sewing basket. The girl called the finished weave “Scoubidou” and, as if by magic, the boy who had left her, offered his apologies and she gave it to him. From that moment all the girls began to weave the threads to create small tokens of love and each intertwining began to have a specific meaning.


Here is the symbolism of Scooby doo based on colors:

  • 2 different colors: I LOVE YOU
  • 3 same colors and one different: FRIENDS FOREVER
  • All four different colors: LET’S MAKE PEACE
  • All four equal: YOU HELP ME


Another very special legend is that of the round Scooby doo. According to the story, a girl made a Scooby doo to make up with her boyfriend, but the boy didn’t respond. The girl began to cry while she was doing the intertwining and between half-closed eyes and tears the girl could not see what she was doing. When finished, he dried his tears and observed that the Scooby doo obtained was round. The girl whispered: “Scoubidou, Scoubidou take care of it!” and thanks to these words she found her boyfriend.

Scooby doo went out of fashion for a while, but one day a girl, the daughter of a toy shop owner, had a brilliant idea. One day, the girl bought a tube of glitter and dropped them into the threads that had not yet been colored inside. From that moment the Scooby doo made with clear threads and glitter returned to trend.

How to make Scooby doo

Here’s how to make Scooby doo:

  • Take the threads and tie a small knot to create the base. The knot must be a noose which is very simple to perform as it is enough to fold the two threads, stop the point where they meet, the so-called “elbow”, twist both threads around the finger and create a simple knot.
  • After making the loop, there will remain two loops on one side, which will be used as a hook, while on the other there will remain four ends and the rest of the threads, all of the same length.
  • Take two ends of the different colored wires and go to create two jumpers, while the other two remaining ends will advance in the opposite direction to the jumpers. Take one of these two ends and pass it under the second bridge; after this, take the other end and proceed in the same way until you get the first intersection of your Scooby doo.
  • Continue like this and finally close the Scooby doo by melting the plastic using a lighter.