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How to make blonde highlights at home

Making blonde highlights at home alone and without causing disasters is possible, just use a little attention, follow the instructions carefully, use the right products and equip yourself with the necessary equipment. So, the first thing to do is to get everything you need.

The lack of organization could frustrate all the work with the result of having wasted time and money. Let’s see how to make blonde highlights at home.

How to make blonde highlights: necessary material

If there is no person available to help you and you must necessarily do it yourself, then equip yourself with a nice large mirror. Stand in front of it to work and then place another mirror behind so that you can work and see the back strands well.

Also bring: a tail comb, a pair of latex gloves, two or more clothespins, rubber bands, a bowl and a brush. Obviously, you also need the product to apply on the hair. To get the blonde highlights, you need to buy a sachet of lightening powder and a 40-volume pack of hydrogen peroxide at the shops that sell products for hairdressers, or in large shops that sell products for personal care and hygiene.

40-volume hydrogen peroxide is essential if your hair is black or dark brown, while if it is lighter in color, 30-volume hydrogen peroxide is enough.

How to make blonde highlights: step by step

The work is done on dry hair. Proceed by pouring the lightening powder and hydrogen peroxide into a bowl. It is necessary to respect the correct doses and proportions that are indicated on the packaging. Proceed by mixing well and obtaining a well blended creamy mixture.

Now stand in front of the mirror. After having given a nice comb to the hair, take the tail comb and proceed to separate the locks forming many pigtails to be tied with the rubber bands. To divide the locks it is necessary to form a small triangle on the front lock, the other side and rear locks are divided forming squares or rectangles.

Once this is done, continue applying the bleaching mixture with the brush over the entire length of the lock. If the hair is short, it is possible to make streaks even only on the strands of the upper part. Once the bleaching agent has been applied to the strands, the work can be finished by passing a little bleaching agent on the roots, so as to even out the final result.

The bleaching mixture must be kept on at different times which vary according to the original hair color. Very dark hair takes 40 minutes to work on. Never exceed 40 minutes to prevent your hair from burning. For light brown hair, ash brown slower shutter speeds are sufficient. Then, once the exposure time has elapsed, you rinse your hair and do the normal shampoo. Don’t forget to give your hair the necessary care to prevent them from spoiling too much, then apply the conditioner or the appropriate cream.